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Stress: What Can It Do to Seniors?


Stress is your body’s natural reaction whenever you are under pressure or when you go out of your comfort zone. In healthy amounts, it can improve productivity and be a motivational force. It also triggers your fight-or-flight response, which can even save your life during urgent situations. But remember, too much of everything can be detrimental. And yes, this also includes stress.

But what can stress really do to seniors? Well, a home care in Pennsylvania has laid them out below:

  • It weakens the heart.
    Stress on excessive levels can weaken the heart and affect one’s circulatory system. This increases the risks of heart disease and other heart-related conditions.
  • It affects sleep.
    Stress can cause overthinking and constant worry. Both of which can hinder you from getting some shut-eye and cause insomnia, which may affect and impede healthy aging.
  • It increases the risks of mental illnesses.
    High levels of stress over long periods negatively affect mental health and increase the risk of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders. This is why healthcare professionals and a home care agency in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, strongly recommend limiting stress.

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